Cyclo Privacy Policy

Last updated on February 2, 2024

Your privacy is very important to us. Below is a summary of our privacy practices:

Collection and Sale of Data

Is your personal information sold for profit by us?No
Do we anonymize and share data in aggregate form?Yes
Are third parties, other than our service partners, given access to your data?Only with explicit permission from you
Is your personal data utilized for personalized ads?Only with your explicit agreement
Upon your request to delete your account, do we erase your information?Yes
Unless you ask us to delete your information, do we keep it as long as necessary?Yes

Privacy Controls

Do you have the ability to manage the visibility of your bikes and content?No
Can you control the visibility of your location information?Yes
For users 18 and older, are the privacy settings for activities and profile visibility set to public by default?Yes
Is it possible for you to retrieve and remove your data?Yes